CLC Clean Citrus K

CLC Clean Citrus K can be used on almost all types of metal, concrete, marble, terrazzo, and most any other hard surfaces that can tolerate water. CLC Clean Citrus K is safe on most plastic and painted surfaces. It is not intended as a glass cleaner. CLC Clean Citrus K removes grease, oil, carbonaceous soils, buffing compounds and many other generally encountered soils. It is especially effective on marking pen inks, graffiti, and removing oil-based paints for rollers and paintbrushes.

    Slightly basic pH
    Aqueous based
    Pleasant citrus odor
    Contains no chlorine or petroleum based solvents.
    Concentrated blend of surfactants, solvents, and other detergents.


Steve Ledger Announces Retirement

To my valued customers,

I am writing this letter with mixed emotions. After 45 years in the oil business, I have decided to retire.

Along the way, I've met a lot of interesting people. This makes my decision difficult.

I know that time and circumstances will not permit me to see everyone personally, so please let me use this letter to convey my feelings of gratitude and thanks to you.

I have enjoyed solving your lubrication issues as well as tackling each challenge presented while servicing your needs. I value the relationships built along the way. While I look forward to enjoying my retirement, I will miss working with each of you.

I'll be working part-time for some time, helping train my replacement. His name is J.C. Trayser. He'll be coming around to meet you soon and I ask that you treat him with the same trust and partnership as you've extended to me. You'll be in good hands. If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Steve Ledger


Coolant SEMI-SYN 4775 CL

CLC Coolant SEMI-SYN 4775 CL is a heavy duty, low foaming semi-synthetic coolant specially formulated for ferrous and aluminum machining and grinding applications where high detergency and maximum rust protection are desirable in a very low foaming coolant.

CLC Coolant SEMI-SYN 4775 CL is recommended for use in machining (turning, milling, and drilling) ferrous and non-ferrous metals at 5 to 10% concentration, depending on the severity of operation. Moderate severity aluminum machining may also be performed with no surface staining.


  • Excellent Cooling and Lubricating Properties for Ferrous Machining and Grinding
  • Extreme Pressure Additive Chemistry
  • Non-Staining on Aluminum
  • Safe on Yellow Metals
  • Biological Resistance
  • Optimal performance for machining and grinding in moderate to high severity operations at high speeds and reduced cycle time
  • Free of DEA, nitrites, nitrates, and phenols
  • Bacterial and fungal protection extends fluid life and improves workplace environment
  • Excellent Coolant Sump Life
  • Cast Iron Chip Test: Rust Free Point(RFP)=1.5%

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