Coolants personally tailored to your application
Coolants personally tailored to your application.

CLC Coolant Series

All of our coolants have been specially formulated to provide excellent lubricity, chip removal, and cooling to optimize our customer’s machining operations. By working hand-in-hand with our customers we ensure that our grinding oils and coolants are optimized to meet all of their economic and production needs.

CLC Coolant 4555

  • Modern, semi-synthetic metalworking coolant

  • Bio resistant product that will maximize sump life. 

  • Will not stain brass, other copper alloys, or aluminum

  • Low foaming coolant that can be used in many metalworking operations including tapping, milling, and grinding

CLC Coolant SYN 2725

  • Heavy duty, low foaming synthetic metalworking designed for a wide variety of machining and grinding operations on ferrous metals

  • Excellent machinability, high detergency, and strong rust protection when used at recommended concentrations

  • Achieves its high lubricity without the use of phosphorus, sulfur, or chlorinated paraffin. Also offers excellent biostability and is designed to reject tramp oil

CLC Coolant 4100

  • General purpose semi-synthetic coolant

  • Specially formulated for ferrous machining and grinding applications

  • Best used where high detergency and maximum rust protection are desirable

  • Extend your tool life, reduce your down time, and increase your profits

CLC Coolant SYN 2750

  • Heavy duty, low foaming synthetic coolant specially formulated for ferrous machining and grinding applications where high detergency and maximum rust protection are desirable in a very low foaming coolant

  • Provides excellent cooling and chip settling and will provide rust protection of machine tools and equipment.

  • Formulated with lubricity chemistry that, when exposed to heated surfaces, separates from the solution for better interface lubricity.

  • When the solution cools as it returns to the sump, the components resolubilize uniformly.

CLC Coolant CF 66

  • Chlorine-free micro emulsion coolant

  • Delivers excellent
    performance on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum and yellow metals

  • Less susceptible to bacterial growth, and extends the fluid’s lifetime

  • Combination of additives provides enhanced rust protection, lubricity, and hard water stability

Machining Coolants

Our extensive line of water-dilutable machining coolants boasts easily dilutable, hard water stable concentrates that offer enhanced biostability and emulsion cleanliness. This confers an extended sump life and provides maximum fluid longevity.

Including full synthetics, semisynthetics, and soluble oils, whatever your operation may demand, we have the technology to provide you with application-specific, optimized results. 

Grinding Coolants

Our line of grinding coolants offers multi-metal applicability and supreme in-process and machine corrosion control. 

With excellent tramp oil rejection, great hard water stability, and exceptional rancidity control, our grinding coolants offer some of the greatest performances and operator acceptances on the market.

CLC Can Solve Your Coolant Problems 

Whatever your application-specific challenges may be, CLC has the coolant expertise and experience to help. As a custom blender of  coolant and grinding fluids, we are committed to not only offering the best-in-class product lines for general use, but also to developing new products designed in our laboratory specifically to overcome our customers’ challenges. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your production goals.