Eliminate galling, seizing, and scoring
Eliminate galling, seizing, and scoring.

Quench Oils

With optimized cooling rate characteristics and state-of-the-art additive and basestock technologies, our quench oils produce cleaner parts, a healthier work environment, and reduced carry off. These characteristics, along with imparting increased consistency, hardness, and minimal distortion to the metal being treated, result in unparalleled quality in our quench oils. Using a sophisticated quenchalyzer, our laboratory is capable of supplying cooling rate curves for every batch of quench oil we produce.

CLC Quench M 999

  • Formulated with refined paraffinic (neutral) base stock and paraffinic resin
  • Accelerant materially increases quench speed in the boiling phase
  • Increased depth of hardness with less distortion

CLC Quench SF 752

  • Faster quenching through the critical zone
  • Maximum hardness and cleaner finishes with less carry off
  • Resists thermal degradation and performs consistently over a range of
    concentrations compensating for oil burn-off which occurs in some applications

CLC Quench 67 A

  • Clear quench oil that yields maximum hardness and super clean parts
  • Crystal clear – very pale yellow oil that will allow parts going into the quench tank to come out as clean looking as they went in
  • Eliminate an extra cleaning step= major savings to the heat treating company
  • Results in not only cleaner parts but also a cleaner healthier working environment

CLC Marquench 460 HT

  • Martempering oil that is used for quenching and
    martempering of parts where distortion and high-residual stresses are an issue
  • Designed for extended use at high temperatures
  • Additive package provides excellent thermal and oxidative stability, resisting the formation of
    sludge and deposit formation.
  • High viscosity and high flash point, makes it well-suited for use in martempering applications

CLC Can Solve Your Quenching Problems 

Whatever your application-specific challenges may be, CLC has the metal forming expertise and experience to help. As a custom blender of metal forming products, we are committed to not only offering the best-in-class product lines for general use, but also to developing new products designed in our laboratory specifically to overcome our customers’ challenges. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your production goals.