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Yes, we manufacture and test our products in a full-production facility located in Geneva, IL.

Standard lead time within a 100 mile radius of Geneva is 3-4 days from order date and is fulfilled with our own trucks. We do our best to accommodate special requests, especially of items that are in stock.

Absolutely! We work with a reputable logistics company, who provides us with very competitive pricing, to service regions outside of our delivery area. In fact, we ship to companies in several countries across the globe.

CLC is proud to offer hassle-free private labeling to allow your customers to benefit from the quality of our advanced industrial fluids. Please contact us for more information on private labeling.

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CLC generally designs our coolants to be run at 5% (1:19), but the real answer is extremely application-specific. For light duty applications like grinding, 3% (1:32) may be a better starting point. Conversely, for more difficult operations, 7-10% may be appropriate. Consult your Product Data Sheet and contact your representative for more specific guidance.

Yes, CLC offers a full panel of standardized tests for your troubleshooting and routine analysis requirements. We also offer laboratory testing packages to fulfill whatever your testing needs may be. For a full description of our testing capabilities, please contact our lab.

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Simply contact us with your information and we will schedule a non-disruptive walk through with a representative to troubleshoot problems and identify points of possible improvement. This consultation will include associated laboratory analysis and recommendations.

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