Cutting fluids for even the most abstract implementations
Cutting fluids for even the most abstract implementations.

Cutting and Grinding Oils

With a broad spectrum of cutting oils, EDM fluids, synthetic coolants, semisynthetic coolants, and soluble oils, we have the optimal product for your machining needs. All of our cutting fluids are designed to have the ideal chemical properties to impart great lubricity, chip removal, tool life, and operator acceptance, ensuring maximum profits and minimum maintenance. With products specifically developed for numerous metals and alloys, you can be certain that we have a product tailored to your application. And as a state-of-the-art custom blender, we have the capacity to develop products specifically for even the most abstract implementations. 

CLC Carb-O-Grind Series

  • Our premier grinding fluid series 
  • Includes advanced synthetic and non-synthetic, water base and straight (neat) chemistries for precision CNC tool grinding for all materials including carbide.
  • Ideal for machine tools utilizing advanced low micron and edge filtration.

CLC Chem Cut Series

  • Highly advanced straight (neat) cutting oils focused on increased tool life and finish.
  • These cutting oils are ideal for a wide range of metalworking applications including cutting, tapping, gun-drilling, Swiss and standard style screw machining/turning

CLC Chem Finish Series

  • Highly refined low to mid viscosity fluids
  • Designed for electrical discharge machining and texturing (EDM/EDT), grinding, honing and precision machining. 

Chem Finish EDM 3500

  • High-performance,  long-lasting EDM fluid, which is also an odorless/colorless fluid that will not irritate skin
  • Low viscosity and high dielectric strength promote faster cutting, rapid flushing and filterability
    and improved finishes
  • Resists oxidation, leading to longer fluid life and a cleaner machine. Also available in an undyed version

Cutting Oils

Utilizing modernized EP additives and the latest lubricating technologies, our cutting oils improve the quality of machined surfaces, reduce the cost of finishing operations, and extend tool life in even the most aggressive machining operations.

Low foaming with excellent rust and oxidation protection, coupled with high resilience to viscosity change, ensures minimum down time to maximize profitability. 

Grinding Oils

The marriage of extremely high quality base stocks and innovative application-specific additives ensures that we can provide an optimal lubrication match to our customers’ specific applications. 

We produce a full line of grinding oils for carbide grinding, known as our Carb “O” Grind Series. This product line offers fully synthetic, water white, and California VOC compliant grinding oils that prevent cobalt leeching. 

 CLC Can Solve Your Cutting Fluid Problems

Whatever your application-specific challenges may be, CLC has the cutting and machining expertise and experience to help. As a custom blender of cutting fluid, we are committed to not only offering the best-in-class product lines for general use, but also to developing new products designed in our laboratory specifically to overcome our customers’ challenges. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your production goals.