The key to maximizing machine lifetime and efficacy
Key to maximizing machine lifetime and efficiency.

Industrial Lubricants

The key to maximizing machine lifetime and efficiency is to perform regular and rigorous maintenance, and the key to making the most out of your maintenance regimen is to always use the best maintenance lubricants, such as the hydraulic oils, gear oils, slide/way oils, and greases offered by CLC Lubricants. By combining high quality base stocks with specifically tailored additive packages, our maintenance lubricants provide the quality you need to ensure optimal equipment operation for years to come.

CLC Lube HO Z Series

  • Supreme performance anti-wear hydraulic oil designed to meet a wide range of hydraulic
    equipment requirements
  • Provides: long oil life,
    reducing maintenance costs and product disposal costs, as well as reducing wear and prolonging pump life
  • The corrosion protection of this Series helps reduce the effects of moisture on the hydraulic system, ensuring maximum fluid life

CLC Lube Way Clear Series

  • Premium sulfur and zinc-free way lubes
  • Blended with >97% pure, crystal clear base oil stock with high viscosity index for improved performance over a high range of
  • Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties
  • Available in ISO 32, 68, 100

CLC Lube WL Series

  • Way lubricants designed to lubricate machine tool ways and slides
  • Offer excellent lubricity, anti-wear and EP properties that eliminate the “stick-slip” movement of machine tools as they move along the way
  • Formulated to quickly and completely separate from
    metalworking coolants for easy sump removal
  • Also contain tackifiers to help the lubricants stick to vertical ways and slides

CLC Lube SP Series (Spindle Oils)

  • Specially designed oils for the lubrication of high-speed
    bearings found in many different machine tools, lathes, precision grinders, and other equipment where high speeds and fine clearances are needed
  • Provides: excellent anti-wear properties, demulsibiltiy, rust & corrosion protection, and outstanding antioxidation properties
  • Recommended for high-speed spindles that require extremely close clearances. These oils may also be used for low pressure
    hydraulic systems.

CLC Lube Gear Series (Industrial Gear Oils)

  • Heavy-duty, multi-use industrial gear oils intended for enclosed gear sets operating under heavy use or shock loads, and can also be used on ways, slides, and large diameter bearings
  • Formulated to provide rust and corrosion protection, enhanced
    oxidative stability, and are inherently low foaming
  • Advanced combination of additives provide anti-wear and friction reducing characteristics that combine to minimize the high temperatures that can be observed in gear boxes

CLC Lube HVI AW Series

  • Our premier line of mineral oil-based ashless anti-wear hydraulic oils
  • Additive package gives strong
    protection to critical components; as well as providing superior rust and oxidation inhibition
  • Formulated with highly-refined Group II base-stocks that eliminate many of the contaminants that can cause varnish and sludge build-up
  • Also exhibit excellent water separability, allowing for their use in the harshest conditions

Hydraulic Oils

With a full range of anti-wear and rust and oxidation hydraulic oils, spanning a wide range of viscosity grades, you can be sure that we offer an industry-proven hydraulic oil for your needs. 

With outstanding oxidative stability, excellent water separability, strong corrosion inhibition, and low aromatic content, our hydraulic oils meet or exceed numerous industry standard requirements and specifications. Our anti-wear line boasts both zinc-based and ashless varieties. 

Gear Oils

Using advanced blends of non-staining extreme pressure additives in combination with high quality base oils, our line of gear oils provide anti-wear and friction reducing characteristics that combine to minimize heat generation. 

Our wide range of viscosity grades all offer excellent seal compatibility, low foam, and excellent rust and oxidation protection.

Slide/Way Oils

Specially formulated to eliminate stick-slip and completely separate from water based coolants, our line of modern slide/way oils offer a worry-free way to keep your machine operating smoothly. 

Our slide/way oils come in a variety of viscosity grades, are non-corrosive, and offer excellent metal wetting. These products are available with or without a completely soluble, Bijur approved tackiness additive.


CLC Lubricants distributes a wide range of state-of-the-art Lubriplate greases to meet the most demanding industrial needs. 

We also offer a large variety of CLC branded greases to ensure that even the most niche applications can count on us for unparalleled performance.

CLC Can Solve Your Maintenance Lubricant Problems

Whatever your application-specific challenges may be, CLC has the maintenance lubricant expertise and experience to help. As a custom blender of maintenance lubricants, we are committed to not only offering the best-in-class product lines for general use, but also to developing new products designed in our laboratory specifically to overcome our customers’ challenges. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your production goals.