Specific problems require specific solutions
Specific problems require specific solutions.

Custom Solutions

Whether educating operators on fluid longevity or developing custom products for the most demanding operations, CLC provides all of the services our customers need to ensure operational perfection. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of industrial fluids allow us to work hand-in-hand with our customers to find the optimal solution to any obstacle they may be facing. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we can provide for each and every one of our customers.


Customer Specific Technologies

Specific problems require specific solutions. We endeavor to become personally invested in each of our customer’s needs, because we understand how even the smallest of issues can lead to much bigger problems if left unaddressed. You can rest easy, knowing that we won’t until your problem is solved.

   Laboratory Analysis

From viscosity testing to part-per-million elemental analysis, we offer the highest quality laboratory testing to facilitate our customers’ operations running smoothly. Routinely calibrated equipment, along with adherence to ASTM methodologies, means that our customers can be confident in the testing we perform. From routine analysis of in-use fluids to analyzing products for potential limitations, our laboratory capabilities are fully at the disposal of our customers’ needs. Rapid report turnaround means our customer’s problems can be resolved swiftly and effectively.



If stinky sumps, skin irritation, poor product finishes, or rusted parts plague your operations, look no further than to CLC. Our expansive experience has made us experts at resolving the common and uncommon problems that many manufacturers face every day. We are here to help our customers overcome their obstacles, to keep their operations running smoothly for years to come.


The key to doing anything well is knowledge, and we want to make sure our customers are fully equipped with the knowledge they need to maximize the potential of their lubricants and industrial fluids. But education to us is more than just providing SDS’s and technical information. In addition to this, we work with our customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their lubricants in terms of operational costs, tool life, product finish, and overall operational quality.


Free Lubrication Consultation

If you are looking for improved performance and price point for your industrial fluids, but do not know where to start, schedule a free lubrication consultation with us! We will send a knowledgeable representative to walk-through your plant and identify possible points of improvement. This will be accompanied by expert laboratory analysis and recommendations. This non-disruptive consultation is ideal for any business looking to troubleshoot a problem or simply identify ways in which they can make their industrial fluids work more for them.

CLC Can Solve Your Problems 

Whatever your application-specific challenges may be, CLC has the expertise and experience to help. As a custom blender of industrial lubricants, we are committed to not only offering the best-in-class product lines for general use, but also to developing new products designed in our laboratory specifically to overcome our customers’ challenges. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your production goals.