World-class products made with care by people who care
World-class product formulated with care by people who care


Rigorously tested and developed with the highest quality raw materials, our formulations consistently outperform the competitions’ across all product categories. Performance, operator acceptance, environmental sustainability, and consistency of supply are all factors that go into the development of each and every one of our products. With strict quality control tolerances and testing, our customers can rest assured that our products will deliver the results they desire.


Our coolants are designed to provide excellent lubricity and cooling to improve wheel life, surface finish, and grinding consistency.

Using high quality raw materials and rigorous testing we can provide clean, cost-effective solutions to all of your machining needs.

Cutting and Grinding

Our cutting and grinding oils and reduce the cost of finishing operations and extend tool life to ensure that the modern demands of metal cutting are not only met, but exceeded for whatever your operation may be.

Industrial Lubricants

We produce a wide range of industrial lubricants including: hydraulic fluids, gear oils, slide/way lubes, and greases. No matter the operational requirements, we have the industrial lubricants to exceed them. 

Metal Forming and Treatment Oils

Our line of high quality drawing oils ensures maximum die life for even the most challenging alloys. With a wide range of treatment oils, vanishing oils, cold heading oils, and water-soluble drawing compounds, we have the perfect fit for whatever your application may be. 

Quench Oils

With optimized cooling rate characteristics and state-of-the-art additive and basestock technologies, our quench oils produce cleaner parts, a healthier work environment, and reduced carry off.


With a wide range of aqueous and solvent based cleaners, we are certain we have the right cleaner for your operations. 

By prioritizing performance, operator safety, and environmental impact, we can offer products that alleviate the worries that accompany other products on the market.